Episode 5 Recap

Cigars Pair Great With Conspiracy Theories

Cigars Pair Great with Conspiracy Theories (Part 1)

If you’re a fan of cigars and love a good conspiracy theory, then you’ll love this blog post. Cigars and conspiracy theories are two things that seem to go hand in hand. A group of guys get together at the cigar lounge, light up their stogies, and spark up conversation. A lot of times, that conversation can go a little off the rails, which is precisely what happened in the most recent episode of The Cigar Guys Podcast. 

YouTube and audio podcasts are great sources for all things conspiracy related. There are countless videos that explore everything from aliens to the Flat Earth theory, and there’s something for everyone. For cigar lovers, there’s no better place to find a good conspiracy than “The Cigar Guys” Podcast.

In this episode, the guys are smoking a variety of cigars and discussing some of the most intriguing conspiracy theories out there. Right off the bat, someone starts off by making a joke about how the government is launching rockets at the firmament. Roberto Nikolai, the oldest of the Nikolai brothers, continues by saying that the Earth is flat. He’s joking, of course, but it’s a good setup for the rest of the video.

Next, they discuss the Rothschild cigar size. Donovann Musa is smoking one of these cigars and says that it’s the first ever alleged Rothschild Besa cigar. The guys joke that he’s being paid by the Rothschilds to smoke it, and that the cigar itself is a conspiracy that’s not real. The Rothschild cigar is a smaller size than the Toro, with a ring gauge of 50-54. Roberto heavily emphasizes that 4 inches is indeed a pretty average size.

Jared Burrows is smoking a flavored cigar, which the guys joke is a conspiracy in itself. He says that it’s his first time smoking a flavored cigar. The guys also discuss the train that goes from Cuba to America and even through Atlantis. They joke about the fact that there’s a sea train that goes underneath Cuba and connects to Antarctica.

The guys are also drinking Johnny Walker, King George the Fifth, which they call the Queen’s drink. They’re having a great time, and the conversation is lighthearted and fun. They’re just a group of friends having a good time and enjoying cigars, which is what “The Cigar Guys” podcast is all about.

20. Humble Beginnings The Cigar Guys

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  1. 20. Humble Beginnings
  2. 19. The Current State of the World (according to The Cigar Guys)
  3. 18. Manolo Santiago from Casa 1910 Cigars
  4. 17. Cinco De Mayo Cigars
  5. 16. Cigar Color Selection & Cigar Aging

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