Review of Horacio Cigars

Today, I’m reviewing Horacio cigars. This is a company based out of Switzerland. From what I’ve read, they produce their cigars out of Nicaragua, they use a lot of Costa Rican tobacco in their cigars. We got in contact with these guys and they decided to send us a bunch of cigars to try.

Today, I’m smoking the Horacio Jacques Chancel. I believe it’s how you say it, probably not. This is a limited edition 2019. This cigar right here is very leathery, especially right in the beginning. You get a lot of woody notes in there. 

There’s a lot of nuttiness and as I’m approaching the second third here, getting a lot more spice coming in. Strong Woody notes, this is a very earthy cigar and actually I’ve smoked a few cigars already. A lot of these cigars are very earthy but they pack a lot of really good flavor. The draw is great, smoke output’s good. Solid ash on all these cigars I’ve tried so far. 

In front of me we’ve got the Horacio XXL from 2017. We’ve got the Horacio Classic, we’ve got the Heritage Six, and then we’ve also got the SLED Limited Edition 2019. I’m excited to try all these cigars. 

Like I said earlier, this company is based out of Switzerland. They have a lot of presence in Europe and they’re working on making their way into the American market. So, if you want to get some of these, definitely look up Horacio cigars

If you’re in Europe, make sure you check out some of your local shops to see if they have Horacio cigars. If you’re in North America, try and find them online. I definitely recommend them. Really, really impressed with their cigars so far, highly recommend them. I want to thank Horacio cigars for sending us all these. 

We’re also going to do a lot of TikTok and Instagram reviews on each of these cigars, so make sure you go ahead and check out our Linktree where you will find all our other social media. 

As always, guys, let us know what cigars you want to see on the channel and what cigars you want us to review. We’ll get them on here. We’ll do some reviews for you, we’ll recommend them to you, or we won’t, but if it’s a cigar as good as Horacio, we’ll definitely recommend you to try them.

Thank you guys for tuning into The Cigar Guys Reviews, see you next time.

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