The Ultimate Guide To Cigar Wrappers (Episode 10 Recap)

Welcome to the ULTIMATE Guide To Cigar Wrappers, brought to you by The Cigar Guys Podcast. In episode 10, Alex, Jared, Mark, and Zach talk about different cigar wrappers and the impact they have on the cigar smoking experience. They start by introducing the cigars they’re smoking, with Zach’s Illusione Candela standing out due to its vibrant green wrapper.

Throughout the episode, the group smokes different cigars and discusses their flavors and notes. They also talk about tequila old fashions and how they pair with cigars. They mention how the forgotten Candela wrapper can pair with tequila or other sweeter drinks, enhancing the flavor of both the cigar and the drink.

The conversation moves on to the color of cigar wrappers. The color of the wrapper is the first thing people notice when they see a cigar, and it is the attention-grabber. The color varies based on how long the tobacco leaves were grown in the sun and the fermentation process. Lighter tan-colored wrappers like Jared’s Meccanudo are left in the sun less, while cigars with darker Maduro wrappers like Mark’s Howard G Cigars Black Moses are left in the sun longer and fermented longer.

Candela is a unique wrapper because it’s the first leaf that’s pulled off the tobacco plant, and it’s not even technically ripe. These cigars were traditionally sweeter and were easier for farmers to grow because they had a higher turnover rate. However, they’re not as popular nowadays, and they have to be stored differently than regular cigars to keep the green color.

Connecticut wrappers are popular among first-time cigar smokers because of their light color, but they can be hard to pull flavor notes out of. A good Connecticut cigar like the Adventura Royal Return has a lot of flavor, making it appealing to seasoned cigar smokers as well.

Maduro wrappers are generally medium to full-bodied, while Connecticut wrappers are typically light to medium. Habano wrappers are popular because they have a Cuban-esque flavor. The Corojo wrapper is another popular wrapper, very similar to the Habano wrapper.

There are over 50 variations of cigar wrappers, making it very hard to cover everything.

The wrapper is where most of the flavor in a cigar comes from. While the filler and binder also have an effect, the wrapper has a more significant impact on the smoking experience when it comes to flavor.

Aside from the wrapper’s color and flavor profile, there are many other factors to consider when choosing a cigar. Construction is crucial, and it’s essential to look for cigars with good construction to ensure a good smoking experience. 

In addition to construction, the country of origin is also a significant factor to consider when choosing a cigar. Different countries have different climates, soil conditions, and techniques for growing and curing tobacco. As a result, cigars from different countries can have distinct flavors and characteristics. For example, Cuban cigars are highly sought after because they are made with tobacco that has been grown in Cuba’s unique climate and soil. However, due to the trade embargo between the United States and Cuba, they are not easily accessible to American consumers.

Aside from the flavor, strength, and construction of a cigar, pairing it with the right drink can also enhance the smoking experience. In the podcast, the hosts were drinking tequila Old Fashions, which paired well with the cigars they were smoking. Some popular drink pairings with cigars include whiskey, bourbon, scotch, coffee, and even beer. The key is to experiment with different pairings to find the perfect combination that complements the cigar’s flavor profile.

The hosts also talk about how it takes time and experience to learn how to taste the flavors of cigars. When they first started smoking cigars, they couldn’t identify the flavors they were tasting, but they knew it tasted good. They also talk about how “fake it till you make it” applies to many things in life, including cigars. 

The group recommends trying different types of cigars to find the right profile and flavor. They also mention that Historic Cigars in Longwood, FL, have a good house cigar with a Candela wrapper.

In conclusion, this episode of The Cigar Guys Podcast provides an in-depth discussion on cigar wrappers and their impact on the smoking experience. Choosing a cigar can be a complex process, but understanding the different types of wrappers and their flavor profiles is a good place to start. The color of the wrapper can indicate the cigar’s strength and flavor, while the type of wrapper can provide a unique flavor profile. Additionally, construction, country of origin, filler, binder, and pairing with the right drink are also important factors to consider when choosing a cigar. By taking these factors into account and trying different cigars, cigar enthusiasts can ensure a satisfying smoking experience.

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