The Cigar Guys Featured In Best Cigar Podcasts 2023

Looking for great cigar podcasts to listen to? Podcast Host Website Player FM released their list of “Best Cigar Podcasts (2023)”. The Cigar Guys Podcast was featured alongside other great, long standing cigar podcasts such as The Cigar Authority, Cigar Snob Podcast, and Cigars Daily

The Cigar Guys Podcast is co-hosted by Alexander Gonzalez, Jared Burrows, as well as Mark and Zach Nikollaj. The four have been long-time cigar smokers and enjoy a wide variety of cigars ranging from light to full body. Some favorites that have been mentioned include popular brands such as Padron, Oliva, and Liga Privada, as well as underrated brands such as Foundation and Besa Cigars

The Cigar Guys Podcast releases both audio and video episodes every Saturday. These episodes range from 45 minutes to an hour in length. Episodes so far have included “Meet The Cigar Guys”, “The Complete Guide To Cigar Etiquette”, and “Long Ash Cigar Contest”. 

The Cigar Guys strive to provide content that is both educational and entertaining. Each episode features a new cigar review paired with a whiskey and/or scotch. Along with the reviews, each episode includes engaging topics about the cigar industry. The Cigar Guys share their own experiences involving both the customer side as well as the manufacturing and retail side of the industry. Featuring guests that are also involved in the industry, with plans to include cigar bar owners, cigar brand owners, and even cigar manufacturers. 

The Cigar Guys also share a large amount of content on Social Media, including informational YouTube videos, cigar reviews on Instagram, and entertaining clips on TikTok

If this group of Cigar Guys sounds intriguing to you, be sure to visit their Linktree and follow or subscribe on your favorite social media platforms. 

20. Humble Beginnings The Cigar Guys

On this episode of The Cigar Guys Podcast, Zach, Mark, and Jared are joined by @CaseyMichaelMusic to discuss their passion for cigars and whiskey, music, and the rewards of hard work.Support the showThank you for tuning into The Cigar Guys Podcast! Subscribe and turn on notifications so you don't miss an episode!Want Video? visit: Guys Merch: Cigar Shop: Inquiries: cigarguyspodcast@gmail.comFollow us on social media:TikTok:…
  1. 20. Humble Beginnings
  2. 19. The Current State of the World (according to The Cigar Guys)
  3. 18. Manolo Santiago from Casa 1910 Cigars
  4. 17. Cinco De Mayo Cigars
  5. 16. Cigar Color Selection & Cigar Aging

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