Top 5 Episodes of The Cigar Guys Podcast

(as of 3/30/2023)

The Cigar Guys Podcast has been actively producing full length podcast episodes since mid January 2023. While the podcast is only just shy of being three months old, The Cigar Guys have gained a large amount of traction on both their full length episodes and short clips posted on different social channels. 

Here is a list of the Top 5 Podcast Episodes from The Cigar Guys Podcast based on total amount of views on YouTube and all Audio Podcast Platforms (as of 3/30/2023):

At Number 5, we have Episode 4. Long Ash Cigar Contest

In this episode, The Cigar Guys face off to see who can maintain the longest ash on their cigars. Each member chooses a cigar they believe will help them win the competition. This selection was made based on the cigar’s construction and wrapper quality. Tune in to see who won!

At Number 4, we have Episode 3. The COMPLETE Guide to Cigar Etiquette

On this episode of The Cigar Guys Podcast, the group shares a detailed guide to understanding the differences between cigar wrappers. While there are over 50+ variations of cigar wrappers used today, the guys do their best to cover each essential piece of the puzzle to help viewers gain a better understanding on the subject.

At Number 3, we have Episode 7. Smoke Like A Boss With Jefe Cigars

The Cigar Guys are joined by Scott and Timm from Jefe Cigar Co., a brand of boutique cigars headquartered in Central Florida. The Jefe brand currently carries five cigar lines, each varying in size and blend. The group discusses the history of Jefe Cigar Co. and their future plans.

At Number 2, we have Episode 1. Meet The Cigar Guys

The very first episode of The Cigar Guys Podcast introduces each member of The Cigar Guys: Alex, Mark, Jared, and Zach. The group shares their background, how they got into cigars, and how they got to where they are now. 

Honorable Mention: Episode 9. The BEST Cigar, The Besa Cigar

Jared interviews the creators of The Besa Cigar:  Mark, Zach, and Alex. The Besa Cigar is a cigar brand based on Albanian history and culture. This boutique cigar brand has made a lot of traction in states such as New York, Michigan, and Florida. Learn more at

Finally, at Number 1, we have Episode 5. Cigars Pair Great With Conspiracy Theories (Part 1)

The Cigar Guys invite Donovann Musa and Roberto Nikollaj to smoke cigars, drink whiskey, and talk about conspiracy theories. This was the longest recording session The Cigar Guys have had so far, it had to be split into two parts.

If you are interested in finding more podcast episodes to watch or listen to, head over to The Cigar Guys’ to access all of their long and short content.

20. Humble Beginnings The Cigar Guys

On this episode of The Cigar Guys Podcast, Zach, Mark, and Jared are joined by @CaseyMichaelMusic to discuss their passion for cigars and whiskey, music, and the rewards of hard work.Support the showThank you for tuning into The Cigar Guys Podcast! Subscribe and turn on notifications so you don't miss an episode!Want Video? visit: Guys Merch: Cigar Shop: Inquiries: cigarguyspodcast@gmail.comFollow us on social media:TikTok:…
  1. 20. Humble Beginnings
  2. 19. The Current State of the World (according to The Cigar Guys)
  3. 18. Manolo Santiago from Casa 1910 Cigars
  4. 17. Cinco De Mayo Cigars
  5. 16. Cigar Color Selection & Cigar Aging

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